Jacquera Black

Black Hole

What if the scientists working on the hadron collider did create a black hole?  In my story, that is just what they do but it doesn't suck the earth up into oblivion but goes throughout history and takes people from their lives and dumps them on an unknown planet where they have to learn to survive.  But with time, they meet a race of people who live on the planet and realise that the scientists are another race of people, ones that belonged to the earth, once, and want it back.

Angels series

Raphael is an angel, she has just turned twelve and for the first time is starting Angel High School, and through her assigned human, Gabby, and her teacher, Enyaw, is going to learn the truth of her existence.

Freedom's Dream

Libby lives in the near future, in a time where everyone lives in small biologically sealed houses because they are frightened of catching something. This is Libby's story, and her friend's, as she moves towards adulthood where she is expected to leave behind the only place she had ever known, and never return. She is sent to a centre where she is tested for disease, where she will be schooled for two years and eventually assigned a mate and a house where she will live the rest of her life. If something doesn't get in the way!


Willow hates the cannabalistic Derth who attacked her village.  Mix is one of the Derth but doesn't want to eat people.  Set in the Levant during the Ice Age.

Shard in the ice

During the Ice Age, an asteroid slammed into the Earth, and two young people's lives were changed forever when they were transformed into the first vampires.

Fires of sirente

Aisling is a Christian, a very dangerous thing to be in 4th Century Italy, but when her secret is discovered, she sees a light in the sky, and her life, and the lives of those around her are altered.

Deluge series

Book 1 Deluge - Three girls living in three different worlds, how are they connected?  By the Deluge. (First draft completed)

Book 2 Centrifuge - Traveling to other worlds to rescue those trapped by the Deluge. (First draft about 90% completed)

Book 3 Subterfuge -  Trapped in a bubble of worlds, slowly realising that one of their own has betrayed them to the Deluge. (First draft about 50% completed)

Book 4 Refuge - Escaping with their lives, they find refuge on another world, and work with the people there to set a trap which will hopefully free all worlds from the Deluge.  (First draft about 50% completed) 

The hollow

To be written during NaNoWriMo 2016...