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Posted by jacquera on August 13, 2012 at 5:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Star light, and the moon,


blanked out by the clouds that hang


in the sky so dark.



Walking against the


wind so harsh, fighting to walk


forward and not back.



Cats miow, dogs wuff,


humans greet each other with


shouting and a punch.



Mother protects child,


she would surrender all for


the one whom she loves.





Bleary, tired, aching


eyes, greet the sunlight and wince,


a new day started.



Invisible, but


always there, surrounds me and


fills my lungs with life.




Fluffy, huggable,


Smooth soft fur shines of life’s gift


on a dead stuffed toy.



Clean, pure, unsullied, fresh,


falling, fast, slow, spinning down,


covers wrongs with white.




Grey, heavy laden


sunlight trying to power


its way through the sky.






Hot, steamy, sends a


shiver down my back as I


step into my bath.




The End

Posted by jacquera on August 13, 2012 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Not going to be doing this blog anymore, nearly a year since I last wrote in it.  I keep forgetting it.  But for now, I will religate it to the end of the website.

Long time, no write...

Posted by jacquera on September 17, 2011 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Again.  In my defence, I've been busy with the summer holidays, my kids and getting a head start on my courses.

Feeling really tired today, so that's it for today.




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Have painted half the lounge with green paint, but needs a second coat, but have loads of green paint still.  Nearly all of Ben's room with red paint, kids helped!  It needs a second coat but have run out of paint.    Will buy some more next week.  Amy painted the girls' room with red and blue paint mixed together to make purple paint, it also needs a second coat.  The floor is a bit red and purple up stairs, the lounge floor is okay but I did that on my own.  Think I will finish the lounge today, Amy can do the second coat of paint in her room, probably tomorrow.  And then I will start on the landing/ stairs/ hallway.  Have 10 ltrs of blue paint for all of that.  Might not be enough but will buy some more if I need to when I get the red paint.  Definately got the painting bug as am considering painting the kitchen and bathroom and my room too.

As to other stuff, went to the gym yesterday, and went to see my mum.  My sister came over from Altrincham so saw her too, was lovely to see her.

Going to do some housework now and then some painting.


The dark side...

Posted by jacquera on July 6, 2011 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Is where I'm going today...  need to do housework.  Groan.  Much rather read a book but I suppose, its got to be done.  Going to buy some emulsion soon and start painting my hallway, stairs, landing... joy.



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Been going to the gym loads, on Monday I went to circuits for an hour, aqua aerobics for half an hour and then spent about two hours in the gym going on various equipment, treadmill, cross trainer, rower, upright bike, reclining bike, weights for legs, weights for triceps.  And also did about half an hour of walking, so four hours of exercise.

Think I overdid it a bit, muscle in one of my legs has been aching since, though only when I walk, and only when I start to walk, it eases after a time.

Would have liked to have gone to the gym today but I think I will leave it.  Am hoping to be able to go tomorrow, ex is having the kids for the day so if I drop them off early enough I should be able to make my circuits class.  Am also thinking about going on friday for an hour.  Have the dentist at quarter past 10 so just have to walk around later.  But it depends on how my muscles feel.

Today, I think I will try to do a bit of housework and then read.

Or do some on a course I've started, writing for children with the open college of the arts, have to do some stuff about trends of children's literature.



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Not been here for ages once again.  Posted last in April and it is now June.  

What have I been up to?

Well, I've finished both world archaeology and advanced creative writing, just waiting for the results now.  My overall mark for the first part of advanced creative writing is 84.35% whereas the threshold for a distiction pass is 85%.  I am so near, hoping that I've done well enough in my last assignment that it will be bumped up to a distinction, though level 2 is good too.

My last assignment was a just over 4,000 word story set in Jericho around 6,000 BC, used some of the stuff I learnt in world archaeology to make it accurate.  It is a story about a missing girl, and her friend who never knows what happened to her.  

Okay, what now?  Just about to start a course with the open college of the arts, writing for children.  Got the course things yesterday but haven't had too much of a chance to look through them yet.  I've emailed my tutor and told her a bit about myself.

I will also be doing EA300 children's literature this october and am reading the books on the shortlist, or will be when I've finised reading through the carnegie medal shortlist for 2011.  On my fourth book of six at the moment, but nearly finished.

And I'm also going to the gym.  I go to circuits twice a week, including today, pilates once a week, and go in the gym too.  Going to do circuits today and then will go in the gym afterward for half an hour or so.

And lastly, will be taking Bethany, my 11 year old, to Palatine school next monday because she will be spending the day there, and the next three mondays too, because she starts there in september.  There's also going to be an open evening on the second monday, hopefully find out what class she is going to be in because I can't get some of her uniform until I know that because there are four different ties and four different pe shirts, dependant on what house group the child is in, and that is dependant on what class they are in.  



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I haven't written anything in this blog for ages.  Just keep forgetting to write stuff.  Been really busy being ill, and trying to keep up with my courses.  Have only one assignment left now for my advanced creative writing course, the end of course assignment.  Sent my last tutor marked one in the other day and am now waiting for the result, hoping for a good one.

My marks so far have been 83%, 84%, 84%, 2 (this assignment was just a pass/ fail one and I passed,) and 85%.  If I get 87% for the assignment being marked at the moment, I will have an overall mark of 85% for the tutor marked assignment.  And if I get 85% for my end of course assignment, I will get a level one pass, or a distinction.  Yay.  That is what I'm hoping for anyway.

Need to go, I will try to write again here soon.


Been feeling ill...

Posted by jacquera on January 13, 2011 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

And that is why I haven't written anything recently.  Had an operation 7 weeks ago and it has been making me feel very ill, even now.  Hopefully I will start feeling better soon.



Posted by jacquera on November 18, 2010 at 2:13 AM Comments comments (0)

I have.

Only, did really well on my first assignment for A363, advanced creative writing.  I got 83% which is only 2% away from the top pass.  I was only hoping for 70% and thinking that I probably wouldn't even get that, so it is a pleasant surprise.

I also won a prize in a writing competition I entered.  I am one of the local winners, and my story is going to regional judging.:D

What else?


I am on 45k for my nanowrimo story.  Faltering a bit at the moment, mainly because I have so much to do.  Instead of letting the story develop as I wanted, I had to push it a bit because I am aiming to get  as close to 50k as I can.

Really trying to understand my world archaeology course but it is hard going, really interesting but wow, my brain might explode.  Have my first assignment to send iin two weeks time, not started yet but really need to.  Though I might ask for a bit longer to do it.

Reason?  I am going into hospital next week for an operation and will stay in for two days.

Today, probably the main reason for my headache, I am going to get a print off from my bank and then go and wave it at Argos.  I broght some bedding the other day, duvets, sheets, covers, came to just over £70, only thing was the machine was messing around and I had to put my pin number in again, told to do that by shop assistant.  And then it didn't give me a receipt.  Anyway, they have charged me double, and I want my money back.  Not sure I will ever use Argos again.